BIGTREETECH Magician 3D Printer Controller Board with ARM 32 Bit Mainboard control 2.8 TFT screen for 3d printer motherboard


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​​BIGTREETECH 32 bit main board

Motherboard SD card usage instructions:

[1] Motherboard SD card: used to store firmware and script files (such as various models and parameters). [2] Motherboard ARM: Install the bootloader first. [3] Then, the ARM on the motherboard copies the firmware from the SD card. At this time, it can be used normally.


Chip:32 bit

Main board : 105mm*74mm

Support SD card update firmware Support file format: G-code Recommended software:Simplify3D/Cura/Repetier-host/ Temperature sensor interface: 2 way 100K NTC (Thermistor) Square USB: Easy to plug and unplug, communication baud rate 115200 Support machine structure: XYZ/Ultimaker /Delta /Kossel /CoreXY Scalable module: power-off continuous module, shutdown module, automatic leveling module, material detection Hot bed is not supported

Notice :

1.​​BIGTREETECH 32 bit main board is a 32-bit A4988 chip motherboard, no need for additional drivers.

2.Fitted with a type of printer that doesn’t have a hot bed.

3.Suitable for BIQU magician printer main board replace

4.This main board is connect with the touch screen produced internally by Bigtreetech. The main different is because of the screen TFT connector .

​​BIGTREETECH 2.8 inch touch screen


This module is a general-purpose TFTLCD module. It adopts a new LCD module and original touch screen. It has high performance and is affordable.

1.16-bit color (65,000 colors) display support

2.High-quality backlight, good backlight brightness and low power 3.High quality touch, high sensitivity and high linearity 4.Customized yellow copper plated pin header,beautiful and durable Parameter : 1.LCD size : 2.8 inch 2. Display area: 57.6mm*47.2mm 3. Resolution: 320*240 (RGB) 4. Working voltage: 3.3V or 5V 5. Backlight voltage: 3.3V 6. Touch screen type: resistive, glass touch screen

Type 1:BIGTREETECH Magician 32Bit Mainboard control +USB cable

Type 2:BIGTREETECH Magician 32Bit Mainboard control +USB cable +BIGTREETECH 2.8 inch Touch Screen


This main board is connect with the touch screen produced internally by Bigtreetech. The main is

different is because of the screen TFT connector


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32 bit main board

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BIGTREETECH 32 Bit Mainboard control

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3d printer


2.8 inch touch screen

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