3D printer MKS Gen V1.4 control board 2004 LCD kits Controller board RepRap Ramps1.4 +TMC2130/TMC2100/TMC2208/A4988/ driver


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MKS Gen V1.4

​ Features Benefits:

1, Mega 2560 and ramps1.4 set on a board, to solve complicated Ramps1.4 combination of interfaces, the problem of failure prone.

2, replace the motor drive, drive and support 4988 8825 drive.

3, the circuit board with high-quality 4-layer, heat and made a special optimization; ramps are 2 shelves.

4, using high-quality MOSFET, and better heat dissipation.

5, using a dedicated power chip, support 12V-24V power input, the voltage converter chip to solve the heat problem Ramps.

6, can accept 24V input power under the same system can be hot-bed current is reduced to 1/4, an effective solution to the hot bed MOS pipe heat problems.

7, the firmware can use open source firmware Marlin, ramps1.4 identical configuration and can directly replace Ramps1.4.

8, can be connected to the control panel and 12864LCD Ramps1.4,2004LCD control panel.(Can’t be sure to match all of stype of 12864LCD and 2004LCD )

9, reserved for motor pulse and direction output ports for easy plug-in high-current To add a large current (eg 2A, 5A) motor drive circuit.

10, reserved Ramps1.4 on Servos, AUX-1, AUX-2 interface that provides three 5V output, three 12V outputs.

11. Connect TFT28 and TFT32 touch screens.

Type 1:MKS Gen V1.4*1pcs mother board only

Type 2:MKS Gen V1.4*1pcs with TMC2130 SPI *4pcs+2004LCD

Type 3: :MKS Gen V1.4*1pcs with A4988*5pcs+2004LCD

Type 4:MKS Gen V1.4*1pcs with DR8825*5pcs +2004LCD

Type 5:MKS Gen V1.4*1pcs with TMC2100*5pcs +2004LCD

For what you choose .

Board with 2004 LCD +5pcs A4988 Driver

Board with 2004 LCD +5pcs TMC2208 Driver

MKS Gen V1.4 +2004LCD +5pcs DR8825 driver

MKS Gen V1.4 +2004LCD +5pcs TMC2130 V1.1 with SPI

TMC2130V1.1 with 4 wire SPI



TMC2130-V1.1 is a new module that is optimized and upgraded to solve the problem that older drivers cannot choose to use the SPI working mode.

SPI working mode of TMC2130-v1.1 can directly select driver current, driver subdivision and other parameters through firmware, which makes these parameters more accurate.Using sequexternal sequencers, it can greatly reduce the workload of the chip and effectively avoid problems such as running deviation, losting step and fault caused by the overload of the chip.

TMC2130 V1.1 SPI stepper motor driver can :

TMC2100 Supermute drive

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Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm
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MKS Gen V1.4

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MKS Gen V1.4 control board


3d printer mother board


12v/24v DC



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Compatible display

LCD2004,LCD12864,MKS TFT,OLED,etc

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