trianglelab Stepper motor liquld cooling motor water cooling upgrade kit for Nema17 motor ETC.


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*We recommend you buy AL-BMG-liquld cooling,

​*If you need water pump kit (Square),

*If you need water pump kit (Round),


The back of the heatsink is high-strength, high-temperature glue, so make sure the back of your stepper motor is flat. Please clean the back of the stepper motor and install the patch.

▉Name: ​​

Stepper Motor – Liquld Cooling(LC)​​

▉Highlight: ​​

·Easy to install

·No sealing no risk of leakage.

·Superior heat dispersion.

·We choose very thin and flexible rubber tubes for easier routing in your printer.

·The same tubing also cools the extruder motor.

·It can works in a heated chamber up to 80C without any trouble.


Stepper motors for various 3D printers. The back side of the stepper motor is required to be flat. Easy to paste.

▉Thermal Conductivity (W/m-K)

Thermally Conductive Adhesive Transfer Tape ≈ 1.5 W/(m•k)

▉What's in the box:

Stepper Motor – Liquld Cooling X 1

Rubber tubes 2M X 1

Adapters X 2

▉Photo display:

Perfect installation demo:

The accessories in the photo are for demonstration purposes only.

This accessory is not included in the product.

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