Tronxy 3d printer parts Glass Plate 220*220/330*330mm Heat bed Lattice Glass Hotbed Build Plate 3d printing


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1. Leveling is made on A4 size paper to the platform and nozzle, which is obviously obstructive but can be pulled.
2, The platform has serious pollution will affect the adhesion, appear this kind of circumstance can be hot bed heated to 90 degrees, or place your platform for 8 hours to print again, the most direct method using alcohol to wipe a little bit
3. Printing temperatures of various filaments: PLA50-65°C, TPU40-60°C, ABS80-120°C, PC100-125°C, PETG70-90°C, and NYLON 100-130°C
4. This product is acid and alkali resistant, and high temperature resistance is 400 degrees
5. The hardness of the first layer of coating of this product is 0.5H, which is easy to scratch, but the scraping does not affect the adhesion of the model
6. The product will change color after many times rubbing with alcohol, but it will not affect normal use
7. This product is slightly after wiping with alcohol can enhance the viscosity of the platform and the ability to absorb the oil, if you want to make a large models for a long time, can use a paper towel or cloth dipped into alcohol wipe slightly, so that we can ensure that the platform power ability to continue playing.(just rub it with alcohol once. You don’t need to rub it every time when you strat print it. Repeated rubbing will not increase the stickiness
8. Avoid repeatedly touching the platform with your hands as much as possible to prevent serious sweat oil on the platform.
9. This product is treated with special technology, and there will be no glass pit.

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