Zonestar Filament Run out Detection Module


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Zonestar Filament Run out Detection Module

Applied to Z5/Z6/Z8S/Z10S


This Filament Run-out Detection Module is used to detect the filament when it runs out.

About Filament run out detection module:

Generally, the 3D printer DIY kit is not able to detect running out of filament, it will continue to print until file is completed even if the filament runs out. This always leads to incomplete printing which will be wasting your time and filament.

Based on this situation, ZONESTAR first add the filament run out detection module on our 3D printer DIY kit. It will pause printing when the module detect the filament running out. You just need to replace a new filament roll and press a button to continue printing your object. This will help you save unnecessary filament and time wasting.


NOTEļ¼šRandom color shell, usually we will send black or red.


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