Zonestar 3D PRINTER Heatbed Sticker 220x220mm for 802series/310x310mm for Z8X Customize Size Printing Build Plate Tape


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Item Option:

220mmx220mm: Size is 220mmx220mm sticker, suitable to P802(N, Q, C), D805, D805S etc.

310mmx310mm: Size is 220mmx220mm sticker, suitable to Z8X

*Customize 1 sq.M: Customize size, MOQ is 1M2

*About customize size:

1. The MOQ is 1M2, for example, if you want to purchase 150mmx150mm sticker, the MOQ is 44PCS, and the total price (don’t include shipping cost) is $79.

2. Please don’t purchase before contact with us.


This sticker suitable for 3D printer aluminum plate, glass plate and other hot bed platform, affixed to the surface in the hot bed, protect hot bed and improve the adhesion model, the model will not peel residue at the bottom of the model.

This sticker is made from High temperature material with special processing dull polish surface which could stand temperature as high as 200 ℃. By special treatment, let the surface with ground. when after printing, it is convenient to take down the entire model. if the hot bed temperature, can firmly stick model printing.

This sticker is sturdy and durable, it can be reused many times, saving the time of changing hot bed paper.

Tear the back paper .fit the hot bed and use it,you can print PLA. ABS. For PLA, heat bed temperature is 50-85℃, For ABS heat bed temperature 90-100℃.

1. In order to prevent to scrape the sticker, please adjust the distance between nozzle and heat bed carefully.

2. This stickers will not impede to use an inductive or mechanical automatic leveling probe.

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Hotbed Sticker