trianglelab 235 X 235 ender 3 Double sided Textured PEI Spring Steel Sheet Powder Coated PEI Build Plate for ender 3


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Double-sided Textured PEI Spring Steel Sheet for 3D printers

This will be an incredible product ,It allows you to experience unparalleled happiness when you pick up your pieces.


No more 3M Masking tape

No more glue stic

No more ABS juice

No more PEI sheet replacement

Easy to print

Easy to remove by bending and popping it off

Easy to maintain


Lower runing cost especially for printing farm

Genuine PEI powder coating

Hardened steel spring sheet never diforming

Possible to adding ABL for some low-cost printers

*Make adding inductive Z-probe possible

If you need AUTO Bed Leveling Z-probe(M8 inductive proximity sensor )

​​▉Material Compatibility:



235x235MM 9.5″x10″ (for Ender 3 3d Printer)

Other size available:

165x165MM 6.5″x6.5″ (for Creality Ender 2)

220x220MM 8.7″X8.7″ (for Anet A8, Robo R2, Wanhao Duplicator6 ETC.)

241x252MM 9.25″X9.25″ (for prusa)

​​​​▉Printer Compatibility:

Ender 3 4 5 3d Printer

Similar bed size printer with Magnetic Base.


Wipe the print surface before and after a print with isopropyl alcohol to maintain a clean surface for maximum bed adhesion strength. As with any build surface, make sure you are not printing too close to the bed to avoid possibly infusing the filament into the build surface. If printing PETG, TPU, TPE, and RYNO, make sure the bed is heated BEFORE attempting to remove the print from the bed.


It is possible to mount our kits on a larger bed, just be aware that you will have a reduced printing area. It is also possible to mount our kits on slightly smaller beds; you can carefully trim the Magnetic Base, but the Flexi Plate will stick over your edges, be sure that there are no obstructions such as vertical frame elements, and it is advisable not to have more than 10mms overhang per side to avoid warping. we are not responsible for mistaken order sizes.

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