Sunhokey High Accuracy 0.008-0.01mm Industrial grade 3D Scanner Sunscan-SL for 3D Printer


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Sunhokey High Accuracy 0.008-0.01mm Industrial grade 3D Scanner Sunscan-SL White/ Blue Light Portable Scan Optional Turntable

Features: • High precision cameras, lenses: 1,300,000 industrial digital camera, one million imported glass industry lens. • Quick Scan: within single scanning ≤5 seconds, high efficiency (higher speed can be customized). • High precision: intelligent integration, single scanning accuracy up 0.005-0.06mm. • Powerful stitching: Three stitching: punctuation automatic stitching, rotating automatic stitching, features mosaic • scanning principle: structured light coding phase shift + binding, non-contact scanning photographs. • Scan range: scanning range is adjustable for different size products • Measure the output data: output is ASC, STL, PLY, and other formats, can be directly related Geomagic, UG, CATIA, Pro / E, Master CAM software for data exchange data. • Support systems: WindowsXP, Windows 7 • Use LED light source, the light source life more than 20000h • Operation is simple: the interface is simple, easy to learn user. • Portable design: Small size hardware system, no noise, easy to dismantle and easy to install, easy to carry, and the cost is low maintenance costs.


The Sun-scan Desktop 3D Scanner creates a digital 3D model of a physical object by taking a rapid sequence of pictures as the object rotates on the Sun-scan turntable


Single range:100×75mm2

Accuracy:0.008-0.01mm Point distance:0.08mm Working distance:170mm Scan size:100-300mm Dimensions:226×216×75 Weight: 3Kg Application:Small mold, electronic products, toys, dental, medical implants, Scan type: Non-contact 3D scanning(white / blue Light) Alignment method: Turntable auto-alignment/manual alignment Turntable: Optional Data Display: Triangle Camera: 2×1,300,000pix Scan time: ≤5s Outputdata format: ASC,STL,PLY,OBJ Os:Win XP /Win 7 Power: 0~45Celsius,100~240V AC Scanning Example:

1) Waxwork model:

2) Woodcarving scanning:

3) Rubber scanning:

4) Ceramic Scanning:

5) Glass Crafts:

6) Bottles scanning :


1) Artwork: 2) Toys: 3) Lighting Design: 4) Glass Products Design 5) Measurement Function: Accessory Checklist: Scanner *1
Tripod *1
Rotary table *1
Calibration board *1
cable *2
HDMI cable *1
12V DC Adapter *2
CD *1
User manual *1 How the Items Packed: Important information and safety instructions Using a 3D scanner, must comply with the safety precautions, to avoid accidents and damage the equipment: 1.Before the use or operation of this equipment in this manual, please carefully read and understand. 2.Non personnel repair this equipment and without the training of qualified personnel do not feel free to use this equipment. 3. Maintenance, please turn off the power, to prevent damage to components. 4. Scanners were wet, should immediately turn off the power supply, and other dried completely before they can be used again. 5. The use of equipment, should be stable, to prevent from falling. 6. Please do not use this device near the source of electromagnetic interference. 7. Do not touch the camera lens or filter, will affect the scanner accuracy and scanning effect. 8. Do not force into the USB or the power plug.

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Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 47 × 37 × 27 cm
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Non-contact 3D scanning(white / blue Light)

Max scan area

Automatic scan:200*200*200mm Free scan:700*700*700mm



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