Lead Screw Of D7 V1.5 Printer


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Lead Screw Of D7 V1.5 Printer

Warranty :

Important notice regarding the Warranty

You can personalize your Wanhao Duplicator i3 and update it with the latest innovations that appear in the forum. However, it is important that you understand that modifying the printer, integrating it with other products, or printing with materials other than WANHAO CLASSIC FILAMENTS which require temperatures above 250 °C or which are different from those recommended on the website www.wanhao3dprinter.com, will result in the immediate loss of the Warranty. The Warranty covering the Reprap MELZI i3 electronics will be lost if you make incorrect connections or if you modify the calibration of the motors’ drivers. The Warranty of the parts will be cancelled in cases of breakage due to inappropriate handling during printing. Some of these parts are small and fragile. You should therefore take great care when handling them during printing and moving.
Wanhao i3 carry a 3 months limited warranty. Returns are not possible. we’ll always work with you to get your printer running again. Wanhao Duplicator i3 Warranty rev.B 1st May 2015 Information about the Warranty
Safety precautions
When using your Wanhao duplicator i3 please observe the following safety recommendations:
• Do not use damaged cables or connectors, or loose sockets.Do not bend or damage the power supply cable. Do not touch the power supply cable with wet hands or pull the cable to disconnect the charger.
• i3 works at high temperatures and uses mobile parts which can cause injuries when being moved. Do not touch the inside of the printer or the extruder during printing, because they reach high temperatures while working.
• Do not knock or drop the 3D printer, and do not connect it with cables which have not been approved by the manufacturer.
• Always use Wanhao 3D filaments.
• Handle and dispose of consumables carefully.
• In potentially explosive environments or near flammable chemical products, switch off the 3D printer. Always observe regulations, instructions and warning signs.
• Ensure that small parts printed in 3D, and parts which could be dangerous for small children, remain out of their reach.
• Do not store or transport flammable liquids, gases or explosive materials in the same compartment as the 3D printer, its parts or its accessories.
• Monitor the printing process while your i3 is working Technical support
If you encounter any problems with your Wanhao duplicator i3 device, or if you would like to contact us with any technical queries regarding your duplicator i3

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D7 Spare parts

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