BIGTREETECH SKR 3D Printer Controller Board ARM 32 Bit board

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Type 1:1 PCS SKR V1.1 board only

Type 2:1 PCS SKR V1.1 + 12864LCD*1pcs+A4988*5pcs

Type 3:1 PCS SKR V1.1 + 12864LCD*1+DRV8825 *5pcs

Type 4:1 PCS SKR V1.1 + 12864LCD*1+TMC2208 x5pcs

Type 5:1 PCS SKR V1.1 + 12864LCD*1 +TMC2130 SPI*4pcs with wire

BIGTREETECH SKR 3D Printer Controller Board

SKR motherboard

Why choose this board ?

BIGTREETECH SKR V1.1 motherboard is produced by ShenZhen BigTree Technology CO., LTD.

The team launched a cost-effective 3D for some problems in the motherboards on the market. The SKR main board, especially suitable for small and medium-sized printers.

Note: We have a small SD card for each motherboard. File names cannot be changed in the SD card.

Parameter Features:

1) ARM-class Cortex-M3 series LPC1768 master chip with 32-bit main frequency 100M Can be greatly improved;

2) Equipped with highly modular open source firmware Smoothieware, convenient for users DIY and secondary development, do not worry about the inability to master the core code of worries;

3) Using powerful development tools, Keil MDK integrated development environment: support online debugging, more helpful for product development and performance optimization, using C language development, low development threshold.

4) PCB board wiring is rigorous and beautiful, and specializing in heat dissipation optimization.

5) Using a dedicated power chip to support 12-24V power input;

6) Acceptable 24V input, the hotbed current can be reduced to 1/4 under the same power, effectively solving the heating problem of the hotbed MOS tube;

7) Support Display: 2.8-inch, 3.5-inch color touch screen, LCD12864 screen;

8) The system supports different language Chinese simplified Chinese, English and other languages, which can be switched by itself;

9) Upgrade the firmware by SD card, which is easy and convenient to operate;

10) Use the configuration file to set the driving current mode, avoid manual adjustment of the current to cause the burner drive, convenient, safe and reliable;

11) High-performance MOSFET tube for better heat dissipation.

12)Support functions: Non-trace resumption after power off, run out filament, and auto shut down.


The factory-installed motherboard will be equipped with firmware for testing (3 I3 models), which can be used directly or change it yourself.

1. Firmware acquisition method

Ask customer service or technical staff to obtain;

Log in to the original URL to download:

2. Firmware update method

1) Select the file that suits your model in the downloaded firmware package and copies it to the SD card root directory, including:

1 firmware firmware.bin (select according to your model)

2 configuration file config.txt (you can change the configuration according to your own needs) details in the configuration file

Detailed function options can refer to the original URL

Note: File names cannot be changed in the SD card.

1) Insert the SD card into the SD card slot of the motherboard, re-power it or press the reset button, and wait for about 10 seconds to complete the update;

3. SKR motherboard how to use Marlin 2.0 firmware, please click the course :

Recommendation: We don’t suggest customer select the 2130’s SPI mode of this board, which requires the user to adjust the firmware to use by yourself; However, the 2130’s STEP/DIR mode can be used convenient, which does not require any firmware changes.

12864 LCD:

The intelligent controller includes an SD card reader, rotary encoders and a 20-character

× 4 line LCD display. You can easily connect it to your RAMPS 1.4 board using “smart

adapter” included.

This panel connects your RAMPS 1.4, you do not need your computer,

your SD card intelligent controller power supply. All further operations,

such as calibration, the axis movement can be done only with a rotary encoder intelligent

controller. 3D design print without a computer just uses the G code design stored on the SD card.

BIGTREETECH SKR 3D Printer Controller Board

BIGTREETECH SKR 3D Printer Controller Board

BIGTREETECH SKR 3D Printer Controller Board

BIGTREETECH SKR 3D Printer Controller Board

BIGTREETECH SKR 3D Printer Controller Board

BIGTREETECH SKR 3D Printer Controller Board

BIGTREETECH SKR 3D Printer Controller Board

BIGTREETECH SKR 3D Printer Controller Board


1. When you printing , the Motherboard 5V SEL must be connected to INT and +5V pins.

(that is, you must have 12V-24V power supply to power the motherboard to print);

2. The power of the hot bed connected to the motherboard must be less than or equal to 110W (The the resistance of the hot bed must more than 1.3 Ω). If a high-power hot bed is used, the external thermal bed power must be expanded display board.

3. The firmware file name in the SD card cannot be changed (including capitalization);

4. The wiring process and the plug-in drive process must be carried out under the premise of power failure.

Check that the correct connection of the line and the correct insertion of the drive can be powered on to prevent misconnection.Don’t cause the motherboard and driver are burned, causing unnecessary losses.

5. To replace the configuration file, please back up the factory configuration file to record

each part of the chip is labeled with a pin and then the new configuration file can be changed !

Additional information

Brand Name


Model Number

32 bit mainboard

Item Type


Product Name


Installation size



ARM Cortex-M3 CPU

Support Driver

TMC2208, TMC2130, LV8729, DRV8825, A4988 and so on

Support Display

TFT 2.8 TFT 3.5 TFT 3.2 LCD12864 Display


TH0, TH1, TB 100K NTC thermistor

Support file format


Support machine structure

XYZ, delta, kossel, Ultimaker, corexy


Cura, Simplify3D, pronterface, Repetier-host, Makerware




32 Bit Controller Board

Suitable for

3D Printer

Input voltage

DC12V-DC24V 5A-15A


Small SD card