5pcs 3D Printed moon lamp board LED Night Light Circuit light source Touch Switch USB Charging with battery


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3D printing Moon lamp light source
Instruction for use: first short touch -yellow light, second short touch-white light, third short touch- power off.
when it power on, you can long touch it , Stepless adjusted will make it to the brightest or the dark Charging Voltage: 5V, please use USB or mobile charger
Fully charged time : 1 hour
Operaring time: 3 hours
PCB size:45X17mm
Package includes:
1 x Light Circuit Board with Battery
1 x USB to DC Cable

Seven options

L-yellow white 4 hat : touch version ,4 light hat , two colors adjustable, warm yellow color and white color

D-yellow white 4hat : touch version,4 light hat , two colors adjustable, dark yellow color and white color

three colors-model 1: touch version,three colors adjustable, cold white-natural white-warm yellow

three colors-model 2: touch version,three colors adjustable , red color-blue color- violet color

three colors-model 3: touch version, three colors adjustable, dark yellow-cold white -warm yellow

three colors-model 4: Remote version , three colors adjustable ,dark yellow-cold white -warm yellow

16 colors: remote control ,16 colors adjustable

16 colors

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Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 25 × 20 × 3 cm
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moon lamp board

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moon lamp board

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moon lamp circuit board

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night light LED