3d printer parts DIY T8 Lead Screw THSL-300/350/400-8D With copper nut Reprap 3D Printer Z Axis CNC for 3d printer motor


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Description: Dia 8MM Thread 8mm Length 300mm/330mm//350mm/380mm/400mm/500mm

1 x T8 Lead Screw+1x Brass Nut

BIQU T8 Lead Screw

Lead Screw Material: 304 stainless steel


1.Corrosion resistance
2.High temperature resistance
3. Slip smooth, unimpeded

BIQU T8 Lead Screw PK Other supplier T8 Lead Screw Our Lead Screw: 1.Slip smooth, unimpeded
2.Complete thread
3.Uniformly force

4.Fine grinding, polishing, no residue

5.High corrosion resistance

Other Seller T8 Lead Screw

1.Poor stainless steel material
2. Rough surface
3. Slip is not smooth

4.Corrosion resistance is poor

5.Easy to rust


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Weight 0.55 kg
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 cm
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Lead Screw

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T8 Lead Screw


T8 Lead Screw


stainless steel